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So you want to become a Data or Machine Learning Engineer but don’t know where to start?


Do you have an engineering or computer science degree but need industry experience to kick start your career?


You haven’t decided on your career path so want to try a few options before taking the plunge?


At HENI we have developed a career development pathway to help graduates reach their full potential. We are looking to hire several skilled graduates and give them real-world problems to solve and help shape them into fully-fledged Data or Machine Learning Engineers.

You will work alongside senior engineers who will help guild and upskill you over the programme giving you the skills to handle huge quantities of data at the click of a button.


The programme is set out over 36 months and during that time you will go on a journey through software, data and machine learning engineering. You will learn coding skills, how to develop ETL and data streaming pipelines, how a CI/CD environment works, data modelling, cloud computing, containerisation and of course, Machine Learning.


The programme will be conducted using a mix of offline learning in the employees’ own time, together with on-the-job learning through engaging with different data analytics and data science projects at HENI.


You would be joining a strong team of 30+ people (data scientists, engineers), in a fast-paced and collaborative team environment.


Bit more about HENI


HENI is an ArtTech business that has developed several platforms that enable artists to share work with the world.


We have a history in the physical art world and have developed platforms that focus on trading art, art education, art production and publishing. More recently we have moved into the digital art world and have developed our own blockchain-based NFT platform. Earlier this year we released Damien Hirst’s first NFT project called The Currency (Look it up on youtube!).


We also develop apps that use huge quantities of art-related data from across the globe for various purposes. These apps are both web and mobile and use a variety of machine learning techniques to sort through and make sense of the data.


Everything we develop is in-house and we have very strong engineering and data teams to make all this possible.


What will I need to apply?

  1. Computer science or engineering degree
  2. Basic understanding of Python coding
  3. Energy and aptitude to learn


Need to know


This is a 3-year fixed-term contract. At the end, we will either release you back into the wild with the skills you have gained or (hopefully) offer you a permanent contract to continue your amazing work at HENI.


We will pay a competitive salary and not ask anything back in return apart from the effort on your side to upskill yourself along the way.


You will be working in a hybrid environment with a split of home and office working. HENI is a fully remote business, but we believe for people at the start of their careers should have the option to learn from people in a face-to-face setting.




We have a full programme breakdown that we can run interested candidates through and what they can expect during their time with HENI. Click the link below for a quick look:



If you would like to know more about this, please send a copy of your CV and we will be back in touch as early as possible.

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